We are now offering marching band portraits.  You will be able to view purchase portraits online.  We offer al-a-carte and packages to give you the best range of choices.  Buying is easy and remember - all profits go back to RBOPO to support music programs at Robinson Secondary School.   Don't see your marcher? Or don't like the picture? Don't worry - we will be announcing a make-up day to get the picture you want. And remember -- there is no sitting fee!


When we have the volunteers available, we will also offer portraits after concerts.  Don't worry you don't even need to pay in advance, you can purchase them online.  It's a great opportunity to get a pictures of your musician,  your family, and make sure to have your kids take pictures with their friends to document some great memories!


We have a great time taking pictures of the students during the performances.  Be sure to purchase prints to send to family or for your scrapbook.  There are some great packages to purchase many different prints all at once.

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