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Welcome to RBOPO Photography!

We are a varied group of volunteer photographers/parents who take pictures of the students during performances and offer the pictures for purchase.  Our photographers have a wide range of experience and gear but we all have a love of photography and the music program.  We have a great time taking pictures of practices, games, competitions, special events, and even sometimes go on the spring trip (at our own expense of course).  All money from the purchase of photos go back into RBOPO as a fundraiser.


Photographers must have a dSLR with interchangeable lenses preferably a camera that works well in low light.  Don't have a camera yet?   We are always in need of help not only to take pictures, but to help students on picture day and even help organize our website.  We would love to have someone tech savvy to help create great  keepsakes for the end of year.

 If you are a photographer or interested in photography and would like to help us out, please be sure to contact us at rbopophotography@gmail.com


Sherry Sooknan - RBOPO President

Beth Moskal - Photography Coordinator




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